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As Facilitators of Consciousness, our role is to facilitate an incredible journey for you by guiding your awareness into an expanded state of your being. In this beautiful high vibration space, there is a sense of freedom and ease which is accompanied by a familiar naturalness. As the journey unfolds, profound healing, sharing of knowledge, wisdom & incredible exploration of our higher nature is had. 


We hold the belief that every person on this planet is magnificent beyond their wildest dreams, awaiting to remember who they really are. We know that everyone has the answers that they already seek.


This is a far different approach than traditional healing and therapeutic modalities which while helpful, tend to have clients search externally rather than within.



Remember who you are and why you are here now. Reconnect with home and your Cosmic heritage NOW

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Explore aspects of yourself across multiple realms in various existences. Activate & embrace your Quantum Consciousness

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Move beyond emotional issues, addiction, anxiety & Depression by transcending the lower negative energies


"You are a portal to the Greater Universe and beyond. You are far more powerful than you can imagine and you have access to a deep and profound natural wisdom that radiates through all of creation."

Many of us are now awakening to the fact that we are eternal energetic beings. Our consciousness exists in many different dimensions and levels beyond our present moment awareness that is usually restricted to our current life on Earth.


Quantum Physics has opened up many frontiers and there are many remarkable individuals who have developed our knowing and understanding of all we really are. These breakthroughs & developments are changing traditional paradigms of healing and allowing clients to have profound experiences like never before.


In the past, the use of altered states into the subconscious has provided so many people with the answers and solutions to healings, deeper questions of themselves and what we are really here for.


Past life regression and exploration has been a remarkable experience for all who have experienced this.


Dr Michael Newton has been revolutionary with the experiences he and his network of practitioners have been offering across the globe through Life Between Lives Therapy. This experience has brought the afterlife experience to people alive today where they are able to meet with guides and draw deep wisdom about their life plan, connections and experiences that were intended by the soul.


Evolving beyond all of that we now have various experiences embracing Universal Consciousness. We are now able to facilitate experiences into other existences and forms that our unique soul has chosen to express itself in for the purpose of healing, growth and evolvement. These existences echo far beyond traditional past life incarnations and anything else previously available until now. The methods have been thoroughly researched and developed by Peter Smith and our highly gifted team at The Institute for Quantum Consciousness. We now have a global network of practitioners offering this in their practices throughout a number of countries.


I am honoured to be offering these services to you now. I believe these are some of the most truely remarkable life changing experiences that one could possibly have. 


These are for those who are now ready for the next stage in their own personal journey and evolution into discovering more of who they really are. 


The reason one may seek these may be purely for exploration or a myriad of healing reasons, issue resolution or deeper wisdom for the answers which they seek. Please download the brochures and get in touch for a private chat with me personally for clarification & an in-depth discussion about these offerings. Words cannot express the potential of what one may experience during the sessions.


PH: 0474203208



"I just have words of gratitude and high vibrational thoughts when I think about the session with Rosh. He guided me to a journey into the quantum field that made me realise how magnificent we are. He made me feel safe and comfortable all the process. I could connect with the quantum wisdom that resides inside me and I got revelations for my life. Something important that was holding me back to feel happiness was cleared and a few days later still I feel the vibration high because of the upgrade that I received. Rosh is very proffesional, kind and intuitive. Everybody should try this modality of healing with Rosh.

Thank you, thank you, thank you"


"I experienced a session with Rosh last week and was blown away with the session. I had been struggling with accepting money. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous. But whenever I ask for money, the emotion guilt would be raging through me.Rosh led me through the session with ease and I immediately felt comfortable. I found a connection that was totally relevant in my early childhood and didn't even realise that this was blocking me. I was also led through where it was stored in my genealogical tree, and was able to clear that through his guidance."


"My whole week since Tuesday has been amazing. I feel I have stepped into a completely different energic flow. My anxiety levels have dropped to almost non-existent and I have felt present and connected to something I’m unable to articulate precisely… I don’t feel alone anymore…  I have felt disconnected from my family of human origin all my life, but through this experience was able to connect to my universal/interdimensional family who are now ever present with me. I know right now everything is right and in perfect order.

The work you did with me on my addictive behaviour allowed me to understand and make connections to a disconnection I have felt from family which  fuelled the need to fill a void with ‘comforting food habits’ or to put in another way use eternal forces instead of internal resources to heal. Since that healing session I have not had not had the urge to indulge in unhealthy eating. Rosh you have a beautiful caring and compassionate presence which was so available during our session enabled me to make these connections especially though the words “how will your life be forever changed”


"Hands down one of the single most important and incredible experiences of my life. I went to see Rosh for feeling lost and stagnent & not sure what direction to go towards next. WIth Roshs gentle faciliation I was able to access my higher nature and remember who I really am as a being of the universe"


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