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If you could meet and connect with a higher wiser all-knowing version of yourself from the future what would you say to them?


What if we could heal trauma from many different moments at once without reliving all the pain?


Could present challenges for you in this life be stemming from past lifetimes?


If so, how would it be to experience these lives all at once for healing and the sharing of wisdom instead of having multiple sessions for each past life?


Maybe you have read many books and are now seeking your own unique life-changing transcendent experience?


We have reached an era in our evolution as human beings where what is available to us now is a huge energetic and vibrational leap forward than what was previously accessible in the past. The universe is expanding at an ever increasing accelerated rate and it so graciously and unconditionally continues to provide us with all we need to expand together in sync for a greater purpose.


Quantum Physics is the science of possibilities, supporting the notion that there are other aspects of us all simultaneously living out their own existences right now in this present moment. These individualised aspects of us generally reside outside of our current awareness, though you may have glimpsed some of them in dreams, spontaneous memory recall, deja vu or perhaps meditation.


Through the Quantum Consciousness Experience we facilitate our clients through multiple realms of consciousness so they can explore who they are in the various forms and dimensions available to each and every one of us throughout the entire universe.


When we turn on a radio station and hear the song play, we know it is not the only radio station available to us. There are plenty of others to choose from, we simply need to turn the dial and we have access to so much more. If we do not change the dial however, then we will never come to know the other stations and songs available to us. It’s the same with our awareness at any given moment. We have been conditioned to view ourselves and life in a linear way. We are led to believe that all we are is the identity and physical body we grew up as. However this is not the case.


The Institute for Quantum Consciousness has been conducting groundbreaking research into these models and elements of Consciousness over the past 8 years. We are deeply grateful to be offering the Quantum Consciousness Experience to those who feel drawn to explore The Realms of Consciousness available to all. This experience is like nothing else that exists on the planet and currently is only being offered by a small number of practitioners worldwide.


The Quantum Consciousness Experience is a journey through multiple realms all in a single session.

Our present life within Stored Consciousness holds all the experiences in this lifetime for any age and we ask these aspects of ourselves to come forward to share wisdom or healing. There may be selves from our past or even the future. 


We then travel through the realm of our Alternate Consciousness, where any important decisions we may have made created a replication of ourselves in an alternate reality. For example, if we think back and ask questions like “Oh what if I had stayed together with that other person”, or “What if I moved to that country instead” or “what if I had taken that other career/job”. We meet and share with these alternates who have much to offer us.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 6.40.37 AM.png


Next we move through our Parallel Consciousness, where we are active in other bodies on this earth in another period of Earth’s history. The lives although classed as ‘Past Lives’ are all still continuing energetically and the healing and/or wisdom we exchange is sent holographically out through all those lives and dimensions forever raising the vibration of all selves. We then move into our Interdimensional Consciousness where we experience the knowing of being in other life forms or dimensions again for that same exchange of energy.

Finally, we embrace our Eternal Consciousness experiencing ourself as one with all that is beyond other physical forms. Experience and blend with the essence and language of the universe itself.


The potential and impact of what becomes possible for humanity when as a collective we embrace our Quantum Consciousness, is staggering. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what will emerge over the coming years with this work.


The Quantum Consciousness experience allows us to move beyond the filters of our current self, the limited mindsets that permeate society, so we can embrace the freedom to explore all that we really are and have access to at all times and in all ways.


This safe and natural journey is undertaken in the energy of selfless service, offered by a trained & experienced Facilitator who brings forth a state of remembering, as the client embraces their expanded natural state of being. 


One may seek this journey for a wide range of reasons & we are open to exploring possibilities for this offering. Profound opportunities for healing, issues resolution across the spectrum of life & even just for pure exploration of our unique expression of self. We initially have a private chat together to ensure this is for you and will meet your unique requirements at this present stage in your life’s journey.We have access to all our existences playing out in this very moment simultaneously.


Peter Smiths groundbreaking book Quantum Consciousness: Journey Through Other Realms provides great depth and insight into this work and offers a profound exploration into the realms of consciousness offered when one undertakes a Quantum Consciousness Experience. A video below from our founder Peter Smith detailing The Quantum Consciousness Experience is below.


PH: +61 474203208


SOURCE: The Institute For Quantum Consciousness

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