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These life-changing sessions are either conducted online or at our East Melbourne location in Australia. Sessions have been successfully done online with clients in a number of countries such as and are available to all:

  • USA

  • UK






Online sessions are now very popular in my practice. I have facilitated many phenomenal sessions online via ZOOM and continue to do so every week.

In saying that, I always request a discussion prior to any online session booking. This is to make sure that the session and intended experience can be had successfully. Our Duty of Care to each and every client is first and foremost.

Online sessions have proven highly effective for Anxiety, transcending Trauma, emotional ssues amongst others including exploratory journeys.

The below list will ensure we have an optimum session together:

  1. You’ll need a webcam and microphone. The built-in ones on a laptop are usually fine. It’s best when you have earphones. 

  2. A session on a computer or laptop works better than on your phone.

  3. A good internet connection is a must. 

  4. A quiet room where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session. 

  5. You will get the most out of your session when you are sitting down not laying down

  6. When booking I will also ask for your mobile number so I can give you a call.


Our clinical space is a beautiful safe high vibration room ideal for this work. It is surrounded by rooms that are occupied by various wellness practitioners:

Consulting Room 8

12 Wellington Parade

East Melbourne 3002

+61 474203208

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