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Suffering from Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt Guilt or other emotional disturbances?


Questioning your purpose here?


Wanting to understand the origins of a presenting issue?


Physical or emotional Trauma?


A Facilitator of Consciousness guides the client through a carefully created journey to the answers & wisdom which already exist within you. This wisdom allows the client to Transcend The Present ISSUE AND COME INTO A RESONANT STATE OF BEING.

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Everything in the universe has a Vibration. That Vibration emits Frequencies that echo its state of being. When that Vibration is in its optimal state we call this Resonance.​Everything is either in Resonance or seeks to be so, as Resonance is our natural state. If the natural state of Resonance is not present, the frequency emitted becomes a "request for resonance". As we gently return something to its natural Resonance, we call this Transcendence.


Sessions embracing Vibrational Consciousness last for around 2-3 hours.


We firstly offer an understanding of the philosophy behind the work before gaining an understanding of the issue at hand. 


These techniques can be used for any sort of emotional issue, whether it be anxiety, depression, grief, addiction or relationship or family disharmony.


We also address physical issues happening in the body, by understanding what is really behind them. We can also explore spiritual or metaphysical aspects by embracing a range of techniques into other expressions of self in other places across time and space. 


Our role is to set your consciousness free from the restrictions of human form to move into your greater wisdom. For example, we may move you outside your body to observe a physical or emotional issue from that wiser state of being - seeking to understand the true purpose behind the issue.


Wisdom flows in this unrestricted and natural state that brings deep insight, profound understanding and eternal wisdom.

PH: +61 474203208



I experienced a session with Rosh last week and was blown away with the session. I had been struggling with accepting money. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous. But whenever I ask for money, the emotion guilt would be raging through me.

Rosh led me through the session with ease and I immediately felt comfortable. I found a connection that was totally relevant in my early childhood and didn't even realise that this was blocking me. I was also led through where it was stored in my genealogical tree, and was able to clear that through his guidance.



My whole week since Tuesday has been amazing. I feel I have stepped into a completely different energic flow. My anxiety levels have dropped to almost non-existent and I have felt present and connected to something I’m unable to articulate precisely… I don’t feel alone anymore…  I have felt disconnected from my family of human origin all my life, but through this experience was able to connect to my universal/interdimensional family who are now ever present with me. I know right now everything is right and in perfect order.


The work you did with me on my addictive behaviour allowed me to understand and make connections to a disconnection I have felt from family which  fuelled the need to fill a void with ‘comforting food habits’ or to put in another way use eternal forces instead of internal resources to heal. Since that healing session I have not had not had the urge to indulge in unhealthy eating. Rosh you have a beautiful caring and compassionate presence which was so available during our session enabled me to make these connections especially though the words “how will your life be forever changed”



Hands down one of the single most important and incredible experiences of my life. I went to see Rosh for feeling lost and stagnent & not sure what direction to go towards next. WIth Roshs gentle faciliation I was able to access my higher nature and remember who I really am as a being of the universe

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