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"More Than Ever, Humanity Needs You To Remember Who You Really Are And Where You Have Come From"

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We are experiencing changes and a mass shift in Consciousness like never before in our Earths History.


Now, more than ever, people are sensing the calling to connect with what can only be felt as ‘home’. More often than not, ‘home’ is likely not just down here on Earth.


The reality is that our soul has had many existences across and beyond time and space as we know it.


We live in a freewill universe of frequency, vibration and sound. That inner urge you have been feeling, the calling, is likely energetic echos emanating from higher dimensions and off world collectives of consciousness where aspects of your soul is experiencing other existences.


The ancients were very familiar with all this and naturally knew deep within themselves how to easily and naturally expand their level of awareness into a higher frequency and connect with non human off world family and benevolent beings.


Unfortunately this was lost throughout history and our society forgot the connection and knowing.


However we are now entering into remarkable times where we are beginning to remember and embrace both these ancient & cosmic frequencies.


As Facilitators of Consciousness our expertise is in holding a beautiful high vibrational energetic space where the greater knowing within you is able to be set free and make the pure natural connection with home and your cosmic ancestry and heritage.


Our Universe is breathtakingly enormous and is teeming with incredible high vibration pure of heart Off-World Beings. You have likely heard or felt a resonance with some of these Loving Beings such as the Pleadians, Arcturians, Adromedeans, Mantis/Mantid, Blue Avians, Sirians only to name a few. Perhaps you have known Light Beings from Celestial and Angelic realms before. Clients at times may also experience the myriad of Inner Earth realm Beings which their soul is intimately connected with. However, there are countless civilisations and cultures that exist and it is always best to listen to the whispers of our heart and soul while remaining open minded. Our clients come to know they are from all corners of the Galaxy, here to participate in one of the grandest times in the entire Universe's history here on our beautiful planet Earth. Civilisations from all corners of the cosmos are here right now existing across multiple dimensions watching, observing, very much wanting to connect and offer their energetic support and share wisdom . Our Cosmic remembrance of ourselves is a very high priority and a key aspect in order for humanity to evolve as a species and embrace Universal Oneness, Love and Acceptance of All living beings.


There is no need to ask others who you are or where you have come from. Experience it first hand for yourself. Once the door is open it remains open and will forever unfold as your life journey continues, far beyond our initial session together.


My own life has turned into something far beyond anything I had previously imagined was possible before since I experienced this and begun to remember my cosmic roots. It’s becoming a wondrous awe inspiring journey that continues to unfold each day. Once this is remembered, we are able to hold a higher vibration of love, peace, light and compassion for our fellow human beings. As we come to know we are far more than we ever thought we were, we are able to offer this energetically to all those who we share our life's journey with simply by being here now.


The sessions are completely unique for each and every person every single time. Anything may very well be experienced. Recently, clients have been experiencing the following:


  • Energetic Upgrades

  • DNA Activations of dormant strands

  • Remembering of gifts and abilities from other realities which become incredible tools of transformation for their present life here on Earth

  • Transcendence of long term negative emotional issues

  • A deeper sense of awe with life and our existence

  • Ability to remain at ease and peaceful in tumultuous times

  • Finally feeling that sense of deep connection and being 'Innerstood' at a soul level with beings we have shared other existences with, something which may have been challenging in our human experience.

I have been incredibly blessed and fortunate to share this offering with others and it fills me with immense joy and gratitude every single session I am blessed to facilitate with those who are Now Ready for this.


We are surrounded by so much off world support and love at present and they are very much wanting to connect, help, support and show love to us right now.


You will receive an audio recording of the session afterwards. This recording is often highly valuable and useful to listen back to afterwards, as sometimes we are so absorbed in the profoundness of the experience that we forget what messages and wisdom transpired.


With all my online clients, first I kindly request that we have a quick call together before scheduling a session together. This is so we get a chance to connect, I am able to answer any of your questions and ensure we are set to have an incredible high vibration remarkable experience together during the actual session . This initial call is complimentary.


As your facilitator, I am very experienced at navigating through these higher realms and states of consciousness. I have spent countless hours in these states and journeying with my colleagues and countless clients from multiple countries now. My soul is connected with a number of these groups of benevolent beings and as will be the case for you after our session, they become incredible lifetime resources freely sharing love, wisdom and support to help us in our current Earth life.


I look forward to connecting and facilitating an incredible session together with you. You are ready and they eagerly await the opportunity to reconnect with you now.


PH: 0474203208

SOURCE: The Institute For Quantum Consciousness

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SOURCE: Institute For Quantum Consciousness



I experienced a session with Rosh last week and was blown away with the session. I had been struggling with accepting money. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous. But whenever I ask for money, the emotion guilt would be raging through me.

Rosh led me through the session with ease and I immediately felt comfortable. I found a connection that was totally relevant in my early childhood and didn't even realise that this was blocking me. I was also led through where it was stored in my genealogical tree, and was able to clear that through his guidance.



My whole week since Tuesday has been amazing. I feel I have stepped into a completely different energic flow. My anxiety levels have dropped to almost non-existent and I have felt present and connected to something I’m unable to articulate precisely… I don’t feel alone anymore…  I have felt disconnected from my family of human origin all my life, but through this experience was able to connect to my universal/interdimensional family who are now ever present with me. I know right now everything is right and in perfect order.


The work you did with me on my addictive behaviour allowed me to understand and make connections to a disconnection I have felt from family which  fuelled the need to fill a void with ‘comforting food habits’ or to put in another way use eternal forces instead of internal resources to heal. Since that healing session I have not had not had the urge to indulge in unhealthy eating. Rosh you have a beautiful caring and compassionate presence which was so available during our session enabled me to make these connections especially though the words “how will your life be forever changed”



Hands down one of the single most important and incredible experiences of my life. I went to see Rosh for feeling lost and stagnent & not sure what direction to go towards next. WIth Roshs gentle faciliation I was able to access my higher nature and remember who I really am as a being of the universe

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