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The Many Aspects of Us

There is much wisdom and knowledge in our cells

Medication is only capable of affecting change at the physical cellular level. But as human beings we know that we are so much more than our cells. We have that part of us that thinks and comes to us as that voice inside our head. We have our feelings and emotions. Theres that mystery part of us that comes as a gut feeling or weird coincidental knowing at the strangest of times. And then of course theres our massive storehouse of memories of all the things we have experienced since we were born.

For deep and profound permanent change, we need to approach our issues with the intent to impact all of these different layers of ourself with whatever method we choose.

When we have an understanding of our own energy, all the different aspects that make us who we are and the belief structures we have put in place because of what we have experienced in life so far, we can be more successful in many areas of healing than we can be with pharmaceuticals.


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