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Feeling lonely, anxious or depressed?


Do you often feel like your 'not from here' and want to go 'Home'?


Sensing a disconnect from well-meaning family and friends?


Wondering what else is 'out there'?


Maybe you have read many books and are now seeking your own unique life-changing transcendent experience?

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We live in a time where so many are struggling with basic everyday living. The benefits of technology such as rampant social media is overshadowed by all the feelings of anxiety, loneliness and insecurities that this form of artificial communication has sprung on us.


A number of people for whatever reason can’t help but feel they are in the wrong place and have a deep sense of wanting to go home although no idea where that really is or if it is even somewhere on this planet. A life burdened with heavy deep depressive & anxious tendencies, these people struggle with the harshness and emotional pain of being a human here today. Suicide rates are at an all time high globally along with Anxiety and Depression.


Running alongside this, there are some remarkable individuals doing some groundbreaking work in understanding so much about the nature of reality and the human consciousness. Quantum Physics has led to an understanding of ourselves which embraces the knowing that we are all intimately connected to all there is and our reality is directly impacted by our consciousness which has all that we think/feel/be in every single given moment of every single day. Beyond science, we know that we are consciousness unlimited outside the realms of time & space.


Our work with the Institute for Quantum Consciousness have led to exploration of other realms and dimensions where we always exist in all moments. Our natural state of being is completely free and limitless out of our dense heavy physical world. Our human bodies are a portal to so much more. The same elements like carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen etc. that make up our beings, is the same elements that make up all the other galaxies planets, stars and space itself. We are basically star dust. It is with deep gratitude in the spirit of selfless service for the greater good of humanity that we offer these sacred and revolutionary experiences to our magnificent limitless and divine clients who are drawn to embrace their Cosmic Consciousness now.


We gently facilitate our clients into an expanded state of awareness and through a portal with the intent to reconnect with their true home origin amongst the stars. The higher aspect of the client knows exactly where it is best for us to go. Clients generally no longer feel alone after this and the cosmic knowing leads to a more manageable human existence, as a sense of awe returns them to their Cosmic Consciousness & a life forever changed.


This is the substance of the universe at a fundamental layer of creation. Our basic human senses would not pick up the elements of creation at this level and this experience allows for sensing and knowing in an expanded state of awareness. Light energy, fractals, vibration are commonly reported. At times sounds echoing throughout the Universe are audible. We set a very open intention and the potential for what can occur is limitless. We trust the Universe knows what is best for our journey together. This offer in particular may be of interest to clients who are regular meditators, OOBE travellers or partake in regular journeying of some form already.

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Our universe is holographic in nature and Quantum Physics principles note the concept of non-locality, entanglement and everywhereness. In the greater universe where time, space and physicality are not present, this Off-World contact experience is one of the most remarkable offerings that exists in the world today. We are early adopters and pioneers of this work and graciously offer it to our clients for the greater good of all.

We respect & acknowledge that many will not be ready for this. It may challenge long held beliefs about who we really are and our place here today. However for those who are ready and feel drawn to this, it has consistently been reported to be an incredible life changing experience for those who have already undertaken this offering. Humanity in its ignorance blindly ignores the fact that there are billions and billions of planets and galaxies out there so how the heck could it be possible that humans are the only ones out here?! There have been many high profile whistle blowers and mounting evidence that this Off- World contact has been going on for decades by secret groups in Authority positions. It is widely available in the public domain. Fear tactics are being used to scare the public and project these other Off-World races as dangerous & can’t be trusted. We have found them to be the opposite and recognise that what they truly offer will jeopardise the dominance and control these Powers That Be have used for so long to control humanity and rule with fear and scare tactics.

During our own personal sessions, we have found that the universe is teeming with countless benevolent civilizations who extend a type of universal philanthropy to those who wish to join them as galactic citizens. We have found there is immense unconditional love and support offered from these civilizations who desire humanity to elevate and transcend as much as we here do. They offer wisdom and guidance so pure in its truth that has a profound simplicity which is in far contrast to the messy complexities of our modern society. When people make a big negative problem here on Earth, it echoes out to the cosmos and is felt energetically by these other races. What happens on any planet ripples out into the Cosmos and affects all the others due to the Universal principle of Oneness.


These off world races in support encourage us here to raise our collective vibration to the point where the majority of the worlds problems will simply fall away. The amount of support available to us right now from our cosmic family is immense and yet most people are not aware of it. Fear has led to judgment, cynicism and a lower level of awareness throughout the world, meaning this is inaccessible to most of the masses. This experience offers the client a profound knowing of the comradery which exists in the greater universe. They also get to feel the joy and sense of fulfillment which comes from contributing to healing & transcendence at the cosmic level & that echoes out into the Greater Universe, forever changing the fabric of humanity. This is a gentle natural facilitation we undertake together for the greater good of all humanity. Our intent is for our client to remember who they really are at the deepest level of their being and embrace their Cosmic Consciousness for a life that is forever changed.


PH: +61 474203208


SOURCE: The Institute For Quantum Consciousness

SOURCE: Institute For Quantum Consciousness

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PH: +61 474203208



I experienced a session with Rosh last week and was blown away with the session. I had been struggling with accepting money. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous. But whenever I ask for money, the emotion guilt would be raging through me.

Rosh led me through the session with ease and I immediately felt comfortable. I found a connection that was totally relevant in my early childhood and didn't even realise that this was blocking me. I was also led through where it was stored in my genealogical tree, and was able to clear that through his guidance.



My whole week since Tuesday has been amazing. I feel I have stepped into a completely different energic flow. My anxiety levels have dropped to almost non-existent and I have felt present and connected to something I’m unable to articulate precisely… I don’t feel alone anymore…  I have felt disconnected from my family of human origin all my life, but through this experience was able to connect to my universal/interdimensional family who are now ever present with me. I know right now everything is right and in perfect order.


The work you did with me on my addictive behaviour allowed me to understand and make connections to a disconnection I have felt from family which  fuelled the need to fill a void with ‘comforting food habits’ or to put in another way use eternal forces instead of internal resources to heal. Since that healing session I have not had not had the urge to indulge in unhealthy eating. Rosh you have a beautiful caring and compassionate presence which was so available during our session enabled me to make these connections especially though the words “how will your life be forever changed”



Hands down one of the single most important and incredible experiences of my life. I went to see Rosh for feeling lost and stagnent & not sure what direction to go towards next. WIth Roshs gentle faciliation I was able to access my higher nature and remember who I really am as a being of the universe

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