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Rosh is a Facilitator of Consciousness, Hypnotherapist, NLP & Energy Practitioner who is deeply passionate about helping his clients achieve profound results during life-changing experiences. He is an advocate for all-natural fast effective solutions to the most widespread problems in our communities today.

Rosh spent many years overcoming  Anxious fearful thinking. He would be anxious about what others thought, making the wrong decisions, fear of failure and even anxious about succeeding. It got so bad he couldn't even knock on his best friend's front door without Anxiety kicking in.

Eventually, he found both the solution & his purpose tied up in the all-natural methods and techniques he is now a seasoned professional in.

He now loves assisting clients in accessing the Natural inbuilt capabilities and resources that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING has within them.

This journey led to many discoveries, especially in regards to Anxiety & Depression. Rosh soon became aware that the traditional medical industry and talk therapies that have been the more popular options for decades have left out several key factors and also have a misunderstanding of the true nature of Anxiety.

For this reason amongst others, Rosh now specializes in Anxiety and is on a mission to inform as many people as he can about what anxiety really is and how it can be resolved in a far quicker and permanent way. If the current methods were effective then the rates of Anxiety, Depression & Suicide would not be at the epidemic levels that they have now reached across the Globe.

Rosh loves sharing unique and profound knowledge and tools with all of his amazing clients. He has a thirst for knowledge and for the best healing methods that he can possibly find.

There are no mistakes, every single one of us is here for a very valuable purpose and reason. It is time for all of the denseness and negativity that has plagued humanity for eons to now be transcended.

Doing things the way they have always been done will lead to more of the past being recreated. Its time for all in the collective to embrace newer, more empowered ways that allow far greater numbers of all the people alive today to thrive and live in the happiness that everyone deserves without condition.

Professional Credentials:
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Hypnotherapy & NLP (The Mindbody College, Sydney)

  • ​Vibrational Consciousness Facilitator Training (The Institute for Quantum Consciousness)

  • Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Positive Psychology Coaching (Mindbody Co.)

  • ​Diploma in Modern Hypnotherapy (Mindbody Co.)

  • ​Stop Smoking Specialisation (Mindbody Co.)

  • ​Bachelor of Commerce & Administration (Victoria University, Wellington)

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